KX-TDA50G PC Console/PC Phone/IP Softphone/Outlook Software

Panasonic KX-TDA50G PC Console/PC Phone/IP Softphone/Outlook Toolbar Software

Panasonic PC Phone/IP Softphone SoftwarePanasonic KX-TDA0350 PC Phone/IP Softphone Software


  • Contains 5 Licenses that can be used fo reither PC Phone or IP Softphone.  PC Phone software provides the user with the ability to use their PC to operate their telephones when connected to the KX-T7601 USB Expansion Module
  • To activate PC phone requires one license
  • The IP Softphone is software that allows you to use your PC as a telephone when connected to LAN, WAN or VPN.
  • For IP Softphone to oerate a KX-TDA100/200 must be connected to the same network using VOIP Extension Card (KX-TDA0470).
  • To fully activate the IP Softphone requires 4 activation keys and to fully activate PC phone requires one activation key.
  • To activate the outlook toolbar requires licenses and a connection to the optional USB expansion module KX-T7601.
  • Multi-site Programming SW activation keys, Max 2 Activation keys.
  • 1st activation key supports 2-10 sites, 2nd activation key is required to support from 11 to 100 sites.
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  • Panasonic PC Console SoftwarePanasonic KX-TDA0300 PC Console Software


    • Includes a software license that can be used to active one PC console or one Unified Programming and Maintenance Tool.
    • PC Console Software provides the user with the ability to use a PC as a system console.  The PC must be connected to the KX-T7600 Series telephone equipped with the optional USB module (KX-T7601).
    • Not for Networking, for single system installations only
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    Pansonic CTI/Network System Application SoftwarePanasonic KX-TDA5920 CTI/Network System Application Software


    • SD Card that contains software to support Enhanced CTI Functions and network DSS/BLF operation
    • Requires version 2.0 software or higher