Internet telephony, unified communications, and mobility have become essential for modern businesses to survive and thrive.

At Convergence, our telecom services include planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance of our products.


Business Phone System Services

We install, program, service, and repair Panasonic and Nortel telephony systems.

Convergence Communications offers Panasonic business communications telephone system equipment designed to deliver simplified and improved communications, lower cost, increase productivity and adaptable to the way your organization works.


Surveillance Camera Installation

We install and service video surveillance in the workplace to protect both the company and its employees.

When it comes to the overall safety and security of your business, there is no better way than installing a video surveillance system. Installing surveillance cameras helps reduce and prevent theft, increases productivity, improves customer’s shopping experiences, and saves money. Your business can do real-time monitoring, resolve business disputes, provide evidence, and have digital storage.


Audio System Installation

We install whole house or business audio solutions by Yamaha. This system provides high fidelity sound, anywhere in your home or business and are all easily controlled.

Yamaha audio systems offers high fidelity sound quality, listen to your music anywhere, and can easily be controlled from a mobile device. Yamaha audio systems are comprised of the best and latest technology allowing you to hear your music the way you never have before. Convergence will service and recommend the best receivers, speakers, sound bars, and/or home theater systems to provide excellent quality in your home or business.


Voice & Internet Business Services

We provide a complete portfolio of business phone and internet services that can help your business be more productive and provide better services to your customers.

No matter what size of your business, we offer a business phones solution to fit your current needs and growth plans, as well as budget goals. Our voice solutions include business phone lines, PRI Trunking, and SIP service. Let us help customize the right voice service for you.


Our internet solutions help your business run even faster and smoother. Having the right internet plan means being equipped to handle your business important tasks. We are here to help build the internet speed for your business because we know that waiting is never an option.


Structured Cabling & L.A.N. Infrastructure

We provide professional CAT 5E & CAT 6A voice and data cable installation, coax cabling, audio/video cabling, and security cabling to meet the foundation of your business needs. We also provide low voltage cabling applications.

Our technicians aim to provide high-quality structured cabling work and L.A.N. Infrastructure installations. All wiring is the heartbeat of any business and critical to business success.